Tomonori Sadamoto

Assistant Professor,
Kaneko & Sadamoto Lab.
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems
Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering
The University of Electro-Communications

East 3 620, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan

Email: sadamoto_[at]


2018 Nov., Moved to University of Electro-Communications
2018 Oct., The paper "Damping Performance Improvement for PV-Integrated Power Grids via Retrofit Control" is accepted in Control Engineering Practice.
2018 Sep., The paper "Dynamic Modeling, Stability, and Control of Power Systems with Distributed Energy Resources" is accepted in Control System Magazine.
2018 Aug.-Nov., Visited: North Carolina State University
2018 Apr., The paper "Retrofit Control: Localization of Controller Design and Implementation" is accepted in Automatica.
2017 Oct.-Nov., Visited: North Carolina State University
2017 Oct., The paper "Retrofit Control of Wind-Integrated Power Systems" is accepted in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. See also: "JST Press release"